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Ever nicen international trading pvt limited. is a world famous franchise semiconductor integrated circuit (IC), patch the transistor, capacitor, the regulator, inductors, tantalum capacitors, FET, a two-way single SCR, of rlington, 3 End of the regulator, Optocoupler large suppliers. The company has many years of sales management experience, professional supporting a variety of electronic components, with a large number of long-term cash inventory. The main agents and distribution NS, MURATA, AD, MAXIM, TI, TOSHIBA, ILIPS, ST, ON, ROHM, MOT, FAIRCHID, ENS, AT, SHARP, TOREX, RICOH, SEIKO, RichTeK, AVX, TDK, and other series.


Products are widely used walkie-talkies, PDA, cell phones, cordless phones, DVCD, DVB, notebook mputers, U disc, satellite TV, car stereo, car radio, car anti-theft alarm system, monitoring system and various remote ontrol, telecommunications and The electronics industry, and other civil, industrial and military electronics products. With the social,Show trends, leading companies to provide our clients through the mail order service for enterprises save valuable time, fares and reduce product costs play a practical role.

The technology-based companies,Market-oriented and has accumulated rich experience in the operation, has been formed from a “Request – orders – payment – shipment – after-sales service” a complete management system, while the U.S., Europe, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan manufacturers and dealers to establish a good relationship of cooperation, and continuously improve service quality, so customers receive the full support and a high degree of confidence! Business has developed rapidly, is now available throughout the country and a number of traders, manufacturers, research institutes , And other institutions of higher learning to establish long-term friendly relations of cooperation. A company used to insist: “quality first, reasonable price, delivery speed, service-oriented, pool,” the development of philosophy and purpose, to provide the most satisfactory services to have any, through a strong market network services to enterprises Standardized and specialized, diversified and all-round quality servic

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